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5 Reasons to Choose Mexico for Medical Travel


5 Reasons to Choose Mexico for Medical Travel

5 Reasons to Choose Mexico for Medical Travel

With its colors and beaches, Mexico offers a great vacation stay! But, when it comes to medical work, you may want to do more research. Below we will give you 5 reasons why you should choose Mexico as an option for any medical or dental procedure.

Affordable Medical Services

The cost of medical services in Mexico costs 70 to 75% less than those in the US. The savings for various procedures are:

Dental: 75%
Bariatric & Orthopedic: 70%
Prescription medication: 30-60%
Mexico’s medical care made it to World’s 3rd best place to retire.

Travel Convenience

Only hours away from the US and Canada by land or air.
Clinics operate in the US border cities like Matamoros.
Visa-free tourism for 70+ countries (including US and Canada).
Direct flights from major cities in the US and Canada.
70 % of medical tourists to Mexico are from California, Texas, and Arizona.

State-of-the-art Healthcare

Most Mexican cities have at least one world-class hospital.
State-of-the-art facilities comparable to the US hospitals.
Certified & highly experienced doctors with excellent patient safety records.
No waiting-times and lesser treatment duration
Mexico is one of the top 6 countries with the best healthcare in the world.

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Popular Wellness & Tourist Destination

The 2nd most visited tourist destination in the world.
The most visited country in Latin America in 2021.
A world-class destination for wellness tourism with various spas.
A diverse landscape of mountains, deserts, and forests.
Mexico is one of the three mega-diverse countries of the world.

High-end Conveniences

Mexico offers many of the First World conveniences like:

  • Good highways
  • Plenty of airports
  • Reliable telecom services
  • Fast and stable internet connections

So after this list of reasons, all that remains is for you to schedule your consultation and start the treatment you need or are looking for.

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