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Why is Healthcare so Cheap in Mexico?

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Why is Healthcare so Cheap in Mexico?

Why is Healthcare so Cheap in Mexico?

The promise of high-quality with almost one-third the prices sounds confusing. How is it that even the same brands’ implant costs less in Mexico than in the US? While currency exchange rates make the prices look cheap, other factors are genuinely making them so.

These lower costs pertain to the medical culture of the country. Some of the driving factors are

Lower Salaries

Earnings in Mexico and cost of living are lower across the entire spectrum of jobs, including medical professionals.

Subsidized Education

Mexico doctors carry no student loan debt due to government subsidies. It reduces the chance of overcharging their service.

No Malpractice Insurance

Mexican doctors don’t purchase expensive medical malpractice insurance. It is often used in the US to protect doctors against lawsuits.

No Corporate Influence

Most physicians practice without intrusions from corporate. They enjoy the full profit; in return, patients get lower medical costs.

Low Prescription Cost

Most prescription drugs in Mexico are 30%-60% less than in the US. Little regulation by the govt in the US affects the price of medicines sold there.

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